QFD for product & business development

Voice of the customer


We uncover the true voice of the customer by developing and deploying insightful surveys, and analysis tools. The “Voice” becomes the foundation for the systematic business and product innovation systematically.

VoC is the most critical driver to successful product and services innovation.

VoC  provides the essential elements of your customers’ interests, needs, and preferences. It is the first step in a series of many intelligent and specific best in class tools needed to receive customer requirements and trace those requirements all the way down to detailed design and deployment.

The customer’s voice provides an “experience compass” which guides both current and future initiatives.
What matters to your customers?

The better you understand what job customers wants to do better; their needs, perceptions, sentiments, and behaviours–the better you can undertake productive action to:

  • fully understand customer unspoken needs and requirements,
  • improve your positioning in the mind of customers,
  • increase customers use of product or service,
  • enhance customers experience with your product or service, and
  • better measure the strength of customer engagement.

VoC is an analytical method, part of QFD methodology, developed for customer-centred innovation challenges. It consists of qualitative and quantitative investigations and an analytical prioritisation process.