QFD for product & business development

Quality Function Deployment – QFD

Quality Function Deployment - QFD

Through QFD companies without exception get a much better return on investment by coming up with innovations that really matter to the customer, reducing throughput-time, reducing expenses, developing common language and common goals, significantly increasing their chances on market success.

Well defined processes and tools are important carriers in growth strategy.

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) was developed to ensure the voice of the customer is a crystal clear, well-understood input for marketing, development, manufacturing and after sales service.

We bring QFD methodology and tools to every organization that wants radically to increase its innovation power.

The core value of the QFD is a systematic integration of the customer needs into various business and organizational processes, such as: marketing & communication, sales, business development and innovation, R&D, project management, manufacturing, etc.

QFD originates from Japan as the innovation part of Total Quality Management. It was set up to ensure the quality of the innovation process, starting with an understanding of the voice of the customer “beyond the obvious”. It still has the precision of Japanese quality methodologies, but is fully geared to develop products and services that truly outperform those of the competitors in terms of customer satisfaction.

QFD systematically integrates the innovation process over three axis:

  • CONTENT: from (voice-of-the) customer, via customer needs, functionalities and technological solutions to the actual new product
  • ALIGNMENT: much optimized cooperation between marketing, R&D, manufacturing, purchasing, service, finance and external partners
  • GOVERNANCE: QFD directly links the defined business strategy to tactical plans and operational activities

Since 2015 QFD is accepted as ISO standard 16355