QFD for product & business development

Product, services and business innovation


Set yourself apart from your competitors by seeing the world through your customer’s eyes. Focus on finding the right metrics, developing an integrated approach, creating a thorough understanding of the customer and his environment, and generating strategic investments that can reap real rewards.

Innovation, beyond technologies and products, must be customer centred to ensure sustainable competitive outcomes.

Intelligent ways to integrate customer insights in design and development are always a challenge. This intelligence can be developed through a well-defined systematic approach using dedicated tools. The best techniques and tools here are QFD (Quality Function Deployment) and VoC (Voice of the Customer), proven from decades of industry learning and refinement.

Consequently, any successful strategy requires leaders to break through the rigid structure around functional disciplines and usher in a new era of flexibility and agility. Customer-centred innovation means integration, alignment and collaboration.

Customer-centred innovation organises everyone within a company around central ideas of customer needs.

The customer-centred innovation journey is a 10-step roadmap that defines innovation points in the product lifecycle.