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Modern QFD and ISO 16355

Modern QFD and ISO 16355 – What is Quality Function Deployment

QFD is a system to

  • Assure customer satisfaction and value
  • With new and existing products
  • By designing-in the requirements that are most important to the customer
  • And assuring quality throughout the buil, commercialization and support the solution

While there are isolated tools, QFD is the only system that links quality throughout the marketing, innovation, engineering, implementation, and support phases.

What problem does QFD solve?

  • Customers have fuzzy requirements.
  • We don’t align the best efforts of our people with what matters most to customers.

How does QFD solve it?

  • QFD discovers customer needs and visually deploys them end to end through the product realization process.

Modern Blitz QFD steps

1. Who do we need to understand first and best? (CST)
2. What are those customers doing (or failing to do), i.e. applicaions? (CPM)
– Map their process (value stream mapping)
– What goes right, and must be preserved
– What goes wrond, and must be imporved
– Go see for yourself. (Gemba)
3. Which needs are most important? (CVT, AHP)
4. Innovate and deploy with requirements flow-down (MVT)

Capturing subjective customer priorities

  • Are all customer needs equally important?
  • How can we accurately identify which needs are most important?
  • We needs numerical weight, so we need ratio-scale priorities
  • But customers are often better using natural language to express themselves

Numerical weight

  • When we have more than a few items, it is helpful to express priorities with numbers.
  • Numerical values can be checked for logical consistency.
  • In QFD, numbers can be deployed downstream to retain focus on customer priorities thoughout build.
  • Ex. SPF100 sunscreen only protects 1.5% more than SPF50.

by Glenn Mazur

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