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Social value creation is the positive impact industry and public sector have on society. It is possible only when both sides have the opportunity to realise their goals, reach mutual understanding and balance their ambitions.


Public sector

Public sector, government and (semi)public institutions are responsible for the public services market, infrastructure and environment. We support government and public institutions to articulate their vision and social objectives clearly to all parties involved in development. We jointly define strategic planning and project realisation roadmaps make the process accessible to industry and knowledge institutes. We support our clients to obtain a clear understanding of social needs and challenges and to play a successful role in launching the customer in public innovation processes.



Industry has great potential to impact society. We help small, medium and large businesses to understand how to leverage their assets better and take part in socially relevant developments. We support them in building innovative concepts and business cases with a sound financial and social return. We often have a role as a sparring partner in customer-centred product and business innovation.


Knowledge institutes

Universities and knowledge institutions are one of the most important knowledge hubs for all relevant technological, environmental and social development trends. We work together closely with knowledge institutes to clarify front line innovation targets and stimulate new developments for the future.

Our focus is on


Sustainable Public infrastructure

Infrastructure currently has to deliver values that could never have been imagined previously: it has to simultaneously generate energy, provide high level of security, hospitality, productivity and attractive working environment in order to support the economy and create values for the environment and people. We support industry, government and (semi)public institutions to rethink and redefine the use of existing and new infrastructure with essential economic and social return on investment.

Recent Projects and related support:

3I Program
Innovation programming, new ecosystems, smart infrastructure concepts and economic and social business cases
Businesspark Stepelerveld Haaksbergen
Vision, multi stakeholder analysis and value proposition
Business incubator The Gallery (UT Campus)
Vision, multi stakeholder analysis, new ecosystems, smart infrastructure concepts and economic and social business cases
Techbase Twente
Smart infrastructure concepts

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Safety and security

Safety and security issues for all risk, emergency and security professional groups are becoming increasingly challenging and traditional methods are no longer adequate. The emphasis here is on processes, procedures, training and methods of engaging with society and within multidisciplinary professional operations. We support safety and security professional groups to: investigate the social & economic aspects of the environment (voice of the customer), guide development of technology concepts for advanced solutions and build business cases and plans based on social, safety and security requirements and protocols.

Recent Projects:

Safety Field Lab: Development center Twente Safety Campus
Vision, multi stakeholder analysis, social and economic business case and planning
Safety Care Center: Training organisations for emergency groups
multi stakeholder analysis, social and economic business case and planning
Instrumented training programs
Innovation programming, new ecosystems, smart training instruments and concepts and economic and social business cases

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Social care and safety for elderly and vulnerable people

There is a continuously growing need for social care and safety of the elderly and vulnerable adults. We initiate and manage programs and collaboration with local authorities, housing associations and industry focusing on the development of new concepts and solutions to create a more balanced and safe living environment for the elderly and vulnerable adults.

Recent Projects: